?How it all works.
If you’re looking to BUY
  1. Post a request for any product or service.
  2. Potential suppliers will review and submit their best offer.
  3. Select the best offer based on price and quality.
Benefits for a buyer
  1. Don’t spend hours searching for potential suppliers.
  2. Supplier competition should mean lower prices and increased ‘Package on offer’.
  3. Review supplier feedback to buy with confidence.
  4. Simple and easy and costs you nothing.
If you’re looking to SELL
  1. Search for who is looking for your product or service.
  2. Make your best offer – price and add-ons.
  3. Wait and hopefully the buyer selects your offer.
Benefits for a seller
  1. Get access to high quality leads at no cost.
  2. Reduce your Customer Acquisition Costs.
  3. Lowest offer does not automatically win. Quality and ‘Offer Package’ just as important.
  4. Open up a new sales channel.